Gilles Dusabe is a Rwandan-Swiss artist whose work explores the most striking but sometimes unnoticed facts and events of everyday life.  Deriving inspiration from upsetting experiences, disturbing realities or shocking news, he uses a variety of media to engender challenging and sometimes disturbing artworks. As a committed artist, he addresses cultural, social and political issues such as personal freedom, social justice, equity or human rights.   

Over the years, his works have steered a course between photography, video, sculpture, painting, installations and happenings, with always in the background, this desire to question our perception of the world. However he also likes to consider himself a storyteller of his time and a guardian of the collective memory.



The Inevitable, digital video, 3min 42 sec, 2014

Tower of Power, digital video, 60min, 2015 (extract)



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Kigali, Rwanda - Geneva, Switzerland

+41 76 586 5833 ..................................................